O gety colleg adequately caters to undergraduates

We had to do a case study, and this was a group effort.
The project was to interview at least 10 respondents to establish whether our school(the Gety college school) adequately caters to undergraduate

I will email all the information to you.

I need a conclusion about two three paragraphs about half a page to 2/3 a page summarizing the introduction, methodology, and talk about our objectives

We were very patient, open minded ,observant
Find the the objective: 1. To see how well students can balance going to school and working at the same time
2. to see how well ccny motivates students and encourages them to their college degree full time
3. how does ccny accommodate students working schedule versus class schedule
4. how is working on campus vs. working off-campus

Discuss he questions being a mixture of open ended and closed ended questions.
Discuss the fact the our format was semi structured