O in Depth of a Primary Source Article, I have 3 for you to choose from. Your choice

Please Read Instruction Carefully!! No NewsPaper Articles, No Websites(Unless Scholar Certified/Scholarly Journal Articles)! You can use any Encyclopedia and any Scholarly Journal as long as it is cited

This paper must be written about a topic of your choice from any 3 of my Primary Sources
I will Upload these!

HIST 3020 Fall 2010 Primary Source Analysis Guidelines

The point of this assignment is to explore with greater depth one aspect of one of the primary sources read for the class so far. This can be approached in two ways:
1. Choose one culture (nation, tribe, society, etc.), person, place, or aspect of travel mentioned in the work and explore it in greater depth. You will contextualize the subject in slightly greater detail

Citations : Use MLA Citations on last page or separate page at the end.

Grade Breakdown: There are 20 points possible for this assignment and points will be awarded in the following manner:

8 points: Any attempt to discuss and explore the primary source will earn you 8 points.
***However, if paper does not meet length, font, spacing requirements 8 points will be the maximum amount you can earn. (No less than two, no more than three typed double-spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margin, Times New Roman pages.)

2 points: For clearly stating in the opening paragraph what it is (subject, question) that you are addressing.

2 points: For the one to one and a half page summary of the primary source.

2 points: For the one to one and half page contextualization of your chosen topic or proposed answer to your question.

2 points: For the proper construction of a formal essay:
1. Introductory paragraph which explains your source and what it is you are going to explore with the source.
2. Body: series of paragraphs where you provide the summary, and the contextualization/answer.
3. Concluding Paragraph a summing up of what you have discovered/learned
*** Paragraphs must have three or more sentences.

2 points: For having two or three secondary sources (encyclopedia entries, journal articles, books from the WMU library, or WMU library databases) that help you contextualize your subject or answer your question. You must have at least two, no more than three please. It is a short assignment not a term paper. Remember, no websites unless cleared with instructor.

2 points: For overall excellence in grammar, style, and content.