O increasing opportunities for women in the military weaken our armed forces?

This is for Psychology class debate.
I need the script to read out regarding the debate questions we came up with.
Added on 14.04.2015 20:06
I will be representing the CON side.

The topics are as following.

1. Sergent Maj, Teri, 25 year experienced soldier with two master degrees says  I d recommend the military for women as a great place to learn professional skills which are pretty hard to get and highly demanded in the civilian world like mechanics, engineering, logistics and medicine?

2. According to the department of veterans affairs, nearly 15 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan women veterans screened for military sexual assault. Many instances go unreported. Do you think increased number of women will prevent sexual assault or cause more problems?

3. In the recent study shows women have better soft leadership. Soft leadership emphasizes on character, compassion, communication, empathy, persuasion and setting examples. Do you think this soft leadership will strengthen or weaken armed forces?
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1. According to Elizabeth Hoisington, one of the first women to attain the rank of Brigadier General in the United States army says  women should not serve in combat roles because they are not physically, mentally and emotionally qualified what do you think about her comment? (newly added topic)