O Marxists and Neomarxists over-emphasise the importance of economic factors in international politics?


Please use academic english in writing. The paper is for a masters level degree and needs to have a coherent introduction with a thesis, body and conclusion. PLEASE USE MOSTLY PRIMARY SOURCES ( books, journals etc). Please make sure that the essay ANSWERS THE QUESTION fully but ALSO PROVIDES A COUNTER ARGUMENT. The counter argument ( arguments) which would be theories must be acknowledged and compared to the question. After this is done they must be deemed irrelevant or relevant depending on how the essay will conclude.So for the question above this means that you must look at theories who dont focus on economic factors and compare them with marxism such as liberalism or international society ( the english school etc) after which please state if economic factors are either relevant or not relevant in international relations.

thank you.

ps) please make sure you the spelling is correct, the structure is correct and concise and the referencing is harvard. also please use primary sources mostly as the teacher will take down points if not!