O movies prime you to engage in violent behaviors after watching them?


SUBJECT: Do movies prime people to engage in violent behaviors after watching them? ”

Movies DO prime people to engage in violent behaviors after watching them.

Theories to use:
Priming Theory
Mass Society Theory
Hypodermic Needle Theory
Play Theory
Social Learning Theory
Cognitive Development Theory
Cultivation Theory

Please find examples in the real world that prove theories correct.
Aka. shooting after watching movies, etc

All papers must be typed and double-spaced (6 to 9 pages).

**The REFERENCE page DOES NOT count as a page.**

Left, right, top and bottom margins must be 1 inch.
Each page must be numbered in the top-right corner or centered at the bottom.
Please use Times Roman, Courier or Arial font and it must be 12 point.
Title page, bibliography, notes, appendix, etc. DO NOT count toward the page count.
APA in-text citation style please.

Please state the paperas goal or objective. What will be your stance on this particular entertainment issue/problem? Will you taking a pro or con position for this particular entertainment issue/problem?

What is the significance (or why it has no significance) of this particular entertainment issue/problem?
How is this particular entertainment issue/problem affecting our society in either positive or negative way (or not affecting) in your opinion?

You should defend your position by utilizing various theories that support your opinion. You should identify the theoristas name and the type of theory that you will be using to defend your position. You also may use other theories that you discovered while doing research or that you learned in other classes that will enhance your argument. Your knowledge of various theories will help you earn a better grade. Furthermore, your knowledge of theories will help you win the all-important debate.
You lastly should have other relevant information that you feel may help your argument like box office data or revenue lost from piracy. Quantitative information is often quite effective. That being said, any study with number can be skewed.


What are the future negative or positive implications (or no implications) to society if this entertainment issue/problem continues in your opinion? This is important because it will help you think about how this media issue/problem may continue to effect society in the future.


The defense of your position and the proper application of theories will be worth 65% of your grade. You will have to weave theorists and theories into your argument. You may use a couple of theories or theorists that you learned outside the class

A Papers will utilize at least six or seven different theorists and at least four different types of theories correctly.
B Papers will utilize four or five different theorists and three different theories correctly.
C Papers will utilize three different theorists and two different theories correctly.
D Papers will utilize one or two different theorists and one theory correctly.
F Papers basically will not any theorists and theories.

Future implications (or no implications) to society. This is 10% of your grade.

Quality of your research: You can use a variety of journals, books, or magazine articles. You must utilize at least 10 sources.

***You, however, must use a minimum of five peered reviewed scholarly articles or books. If you only submit non-scholarly sources, you will receive a zero for research. You may use Wikipedia only once. Please keep in mind that Wikipedia is not an academic resource. Yes, it is pretty accurate. That being said, you should double check the Wikipedia information. I suggest that many of you spend some time doing research on the libraryas website. ***

Please do not wait until the day before the assignment is due. This will be 25% of your grade.

Reference Page:
******APA FORMAT********
Please provide me with an accurate reference page that has the sourceas important information like the authoras name, title of the article, title of the journal/book, et cetera.

Grammar: Please use the writing lab or someone, who has good grammar skills. I will read your paper if you submit your paper in early.

Spelling: I will deduct points for every gross spelling error (i.e. words that have red lines underneath them and you did bother to even check) on find on your paper. Be careful with typos because they are also spelling errors. Please proofread your paper or find someone who will read your paper. I should not be the first pair of eyes to see this paper.

Citing: Please remember to cite all your sources properly! Remember that you must cite your source when you use their book or journal article as a resource. That means when you paraphrase a source you must cite. For every reference that is not cited in your paper, I will deduct 10 points. More than three improper citations or no citations will result in an automatic zero. Please be careful!! Do not throw away an entire semester of work by not citing your sources properly. Please see a librarian or me if you need help with your citations.