O Multinationals act more ethically as they become more successful? What are the motives behind them acting ethically?

I want to explore the reasons that multinational companies are becoming more ethical.

Is it because as they have become more successful they can now afford to?

Is it solely to attract new customers and improve public feeling?

I want to analyse whether if it a company acts more ethically for profitable reasons, does this matter?

My objectives are to find out if becoming more ethical helps to generate more profit, do companies act more ethically due to their financial and powerful position and to what extent are ethics becoming more important to business.

I will look at through using secondary data, motives behind ethical moves taken. Examine how ethically some companies act and see how companies try to balance out their bad ethical moves with good moves. Considering the extent of individual responsibility vs. company responsibility.

I will try to use relevant theoretical frameworks or perspectives to show whether companies acting more ethically can affect profit and public feeling.

It will be a library based research piece, using secondary data.
Harvard style referencing