O neighbourhood watch areas reduce residential burglary?

Research Proposal is to be a maximum of 3200 -3500 words, broken into 4 categories

1. The Research problem to include background research including literature review, organization setting for the research, justify why proposal is important and explain aims and objectives

2. Theoretical perspectives and concepts, to include evidence that student has researched selected and justified theory, considered relationship between theories and the research methods and developed a coherent and reasoned theoretical framework for the proposed research.

3. Research methods, to include understanding of principles of research design, applied an appropriate methodology to the research problem. Considered feasibility issues such as access to subjects and organizations for the collection of data. Considered sampling, measurement, validity and reliability issues. Discussed the advantages and disadvantages of various data gathering techniques. Considered the constraints of time and effort in the research project and considered ethical issues relating to the research.

4. Anticipated Problems, to include evidence that the student has anticipated problems in conducting the research, such as whether the data, access or other issues and considered ways to resolve anticipated problems and discussed the limitations of the results

two books provided with this module for reference are Researching Social Life by Nigel Gilbert (3rd edition) and doing research on crime and justice 2nd edition edited by Roy D. King and Emma Wincup