O-Ordinate implementation of customer service stratergies (certificate III in sales)

You are wanting to establish a small retail shop/outlet in Ryrie st Geelong for your new range of Sporting Goodsand as a project you are required to complete the following tasks.

1) Describe the scope of the project including timeframes, task and activity breakdown e.g spreadsheet, staff, product.

2)Identify required resources and business inputs( including stock/merchandise) and expected timeframes. (refer Gant chart Approach.)

3)identify stake holders e.g partners, suppliers, workers, banks, customers, council.

4)Develope an itemised project budget.

5)identify a risk management and insurance plan for the business/project.

6) Identify employees/team members and others to be involved in the project and when they are going to be engaged in the project ( Relate to Gant chart)

7) Identify any potential risk to the project outcomes and potentially fufure progress.