O Personality Changes Occur in Adults Following Traumatic Brain Injury

I need to write a Literary Review no more than 1500 words. My topic is Do Personality Changes occur in adults following traumatic brain injury”?

I need to review 5 articles and they should be peer reviewed scientific journals. The majority must be research reports (i.e. follow the intro, methods, results, discussion format). The research articles must be no more than 10 yrs old.

I would like a brief one paragraph introduction that outlines the review, my topic its scope and purpose.

The body of the review should be structured around the consideration of at least one set of opposing viewpoints with evidence for/against each side of the argument provided.

In the review of the evidence for/against the hypothesis needs to be cited, results and conclusions of specific articles need to be mentioned. I need to comment on the methodologies used to collect and techniques used to analyse the data in relation to the shaping of authors theoretical perspectives.

I need to develop my own educated perspective on the issue and use this to formulate ideas for a conclusion. In a concise paragraph, I need to summarise the conclusion and point out new areas for future research.

References to articles need to be cited in the text and a separate list provided for the references at the end of the review.
I have been looking at the following journals:Rehabilitation Psychology vol 45 (2000). no 3. 260-273. David J Schretlen.
Brain Injury november (2006), 20 (12) 1221-1234 by Weddell &Leggett.
Rehabilitation Pyschology (2006) vol3. 257-264 by Rush, Malec, Brown & Moessner.
Journal of Clinical Geropyschology, Vol 8. no 4. October (2002). by Freshwater & Golden.
Rehabilitation Pyschology (2004). Vol 49, no 1. 55-61 by Malec, Allen & Moessner.
However you can chose whichever journals you wish as long as no more than 10 yrs old.