O positive youth development programs prevent at risk youth from experiencing violent behavior?

I. Introduction
A. Description of practice issue
B. Clear statement of practice research question, be sure to identify your dependent and independent variables
C. Significance of problem and rationale for studying it
II Literature Review
A. Your lit review should include articles that discuss your dependent and independent variables, contextual issues relevant to your population.
B. Your lit review should also discuss other studies that have addressed your question. Briefly discuss what they found, method used, and limitation of their studies.
C. Address any gaps in the literature.
III. Proposed Methodology for your study
A Discuss the research design your study (if you were to carry this out)
B Describe the sampling plan
C. Discuss how you will handle voluntary consent
D Discuss your data collection plan, how would collect the data? What is needed?
IV. Implication for policy and practice: How would you anticipate this study to inform your practice as a professional social worker?

reference: 20 references (2008-2014) if possible