O revolutions a?happena or are they a?madea? Discuss with reference to at least two theories of revolution, and using examples.

a? provide a critical and balanced account
a? contain only material relevant to an answer to the question
a? evaluate different theoretical perspectives
a? illustrate arguments by use of examples
a? argue a case in answer to the question
a? be clearly written

Referencing Requirements:
This essay should be between 2,000 words in length. The essay must include a bibliography of the books and articles you have used, listed in alphabetical order by author, and including the title of the work, the date of publication, and the publisher. You must also use a method of referencing in your work, using the Harvard referencing system (i.e. references within the body of the essay, referring to author, date of publication and page number). This is the standard referencing system used by UEL, taught on your Study Skills module and detailed in the book Cite Them Right.