O rich and poor parenting styles matter?

Evaluative Argument Preparation
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After you have chosen your topic, choose one article–either i??Do rich and poor parenting styles matteror Practical Arguments, i??Take This Internship and Shove It,i?? pp. 502-504. Then complete the following evaluative argument preparation. You only need to provide written answers for the bold faced items, which are listed under item f.
a. Think about the articles context

b. Consider the articlei??s purpose

c. Sum up the main argument and any supporting arguments; how does the writer see or evaluate the topic?

d. Consider the character appeal including the writers credentials, knowledge base, attitude, and bias

e. Consider the emotional appeal: Is there a tone or feeling here? How would it make the audience feel if the audience agreed with the writer? Disagree?

f. Consider the logical appeali??i n detail!

i. Outline the writeri??s main points. Make sure you can find quotes in the text to support each main point. Note paragraph and page numbers so you can go back to the quotes later.

ii. Any facts (inartistic data)? What kind of facts? How credible are the facts? Include a list of those facts and rate them (good, bad, weak, etc.)

iii. Any reasoning? What kind of reasoning? Include a few phrases about the reasoning used.

iv. Any counter-arguments that make sense? Summarize those.

v. What kind of prior knowledge about literature does the logical appeal assume the audience has? Do you need to look up any references so youi??ll know what those works are? If soi??do it now! Cite where you found that source information and write up a brief summary

g. Based on the articlei??s main argument, is this article going to assist with a positive or negative evaluation of the topic?

h. What underlying values does the article assume about

i. Raising children

ii. Internships