O students display a transformational leadership style during group work assignments?

This assignment is for my Business Management Extended Degree (Foundation Year)

first you need to create a questionnaire with 10 questions linked to the topic, I should be given that questionnaire to 10 people, so just give fake answers, it is supposed to help with the research topic.

Assessment 3 Brief
This is an individual assignment of 1500 words in which you will write a reflective report based on an ac:vity you will have undertaken in Week 24
Part 1 Introduction (up to 600 words)
Part 2 Analysis (up to 500 words)
Part 3 Conclusion (up to 400 words)
References and Appendices (not included in the word count)

i??Reference section which gives the full reference for any in-text references that appear in the main body of your report using the Harvard referencing format
i??Tools used to collect data e.g. questionnaires

Appropriate sources:
i??Academic Journals
i??Seminal sources vs. cited cita4ons i??Text books
NO websites unless reading an academic journal from the website