O tell it on the mountainby James Baldwin

All together 21 sentences include 9 quotes.
sent #1 : In Go tell…works with themes a,b,and c
sent#2: He does this through characters d,e,and symbol of f
sent#3: J.Baldwin is saying that ( about life in general -from book)

3 Body paragraph
sentence #1 : Thesis
sent#2: Sentence about themes (a ) and (d)
sent#3support sentence ( quot)
sent#4 : sentence
sent#5 quote
Sent#6 sent
Sent#7 : quote
Sent #8 conclusion

should be 3 body paragraph : # 1 body paragr. : themes (a ) connect with character ( d) , #2 : themes (b) with character (e) , #3 themes (c) with symbol of (f)

Conclusion 3 sentences
sent#1 : In the story James Baldwin shows or considers ( authors view of life in general)
sent#2 summarize 3 body paragraph
sent#3 authors view of life ( 3 specific means summary of 3 conclusion from body paragraphs )

a,b and c themes ( choose any 3 for body paragraphs)
family,maturity,identity, religion,faith,fait,sin,marriage,responsibility,love,hate,power,morals,violence,sex,death,ego,slavery,glory,truth,secrets,revenge,community,acceptance,guilt,anger,hypocrisy, neglect,destiny,jelousy ,expectations
characters : John, Gabriel, Eliabeth , Florence ….. you can choose any character in book
symbols: the gait , avenue, birthday, the rug, the sun, skin cream, mountain, central park, water, museum, belt , dust, broadway, ambulance,window,coins,street,letter ( can get any noun from the book )