O the benefits of midwife-assisted delivery outweigh the disadvantages?

require the use of MLA (Modern Language Assocition) documentation, which includes a title page, in-text citations and a Works Cited page. Your research paper should be 8-10 pages in length, 5-7 pages of which are your text. Chapters 19 and 20 provide the models and entry forms that you need.

Your topic selection should be controversial or least arguable. No abortion, stem-cell research, death penalty, womens/gay rights–these are topics about which everyone has made up his/her mind. See DISCUSSION for some topic suggestions. You will eventually take a position/stance on your research question. Your paper should include two paragraphs which acknowledge and refute the position of those who oppose your position.

Your WORKING BIBLIOGRAPHY usually consists of 15 or so sources. Your WORKS CITED page is to contain at least 5 sources, including 1 book, 1 periodical,, and no more than 2 totally electronic sources. (A source that you retrieve electronically but for which there is a paper equivalency, such as The Wall Street Journal, doesnt count as an electronic source.) You are to include 1 LONG QUOTE, 1 INDIRECT QUOTE, and 1 DIRECT QUOTE within your text. Remember that every Works Cited entry must be used within your text (hence the name Works Cited) and that the source of every quote within your text must be entered in WORKS CITED.
oh and you can leave some puntuation errors in the paper please