O the news media have a political bias? If so, what is it?

While a free and independent press is usually regarded as essential to democracy, there is considerably debate about the political leanings and accompanying bias of reporters, editors, and others involved in gathering the news. Many conservative pundits argue that the press is liberal, and exhibits a left-leaning bias that skews public perceptions of reality. Liberal communicators say the news media are too conservatives and are designed to support the status quo and establishment organizations, like government and police. Many social scientists have weighed in on the topic, including Robert Lichter, Herbert Gans, and the Indiana University duo of David Weaver and Cleve Wilhoit. Defenders of the news media say the press is generally without bias, because of the high value the news media place on objectivity and balance. Is there Bias? If so, what does it look like and what causes it? Should anything be done about it?

Please state the opinion is if there is bias in the media

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