O the policies and ideology of multiculturalism unite us or divide us?

Essay must be 1500 to 2000 word analytical essay. This is for a Canadian Political Science class. Please use a Canadian writer. Does need a separate works cited page not included in the 1500 word minimum.

My Paper Proposal looked like this; it can deviate from my paper proposal a little, but must still hold some simillarities.

The ideologies of multiculturalism has been has been a concept our society has strived for, for the past hundred years; to bring a sense of uniqueness to each culture and race in our society. Individual rights and freedoms are made to apply to all regardless of colour or background. The policies that are set in place by the government to let individuals keep their sense of identity without worrying about assimilation. The ideologies and policies unite us as beings, but also divides us as groups.

Multiculturalism looks good from the outside in, unfortunately it does not always look good on the inside out. The idea of multiculturalism; especially in Canada; makes people feel like they are part of a greater good and also part of a bigger picture; by being antiracism, we are fighting a fight in group and individual equality. As human beings, we all deserve the same rights. The adverse effect where the policies come in and does not treat different groups in Canada the same, with the same equal rights. While the laws are still the same, a member of a certain group may have an easier time regarding these laws when they are broken. For example, aboriginal groups in Canada have a long withstanding history of receiving treatment compared to other canadians. Immigrants from other countries seem to have more services available to them to become educated.

The ideologies of multiculturalism bring us together, but the policies divide us as culture, race and colour. Even if we are in twentyfirst century; society has come a long way, preferential treatment of certain groups doesnat promote equality and multiculturalism. It divides us as beings. An individual will not want to blend together with another culture if they know their rights are not equal, the fact they they have preferential rights will cause a rift between cultures as everyone thrives for equality and fairness in the world, wether as a group or as an individual. Multiculturalism is meant to bring unity and equality in beings; government policies enforce this but promote the opposite.

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