O the UAE need diplomats in the GCC states?

Guidelines for the project

I am a higher official in the UAE administration. I want you to brief me on the topic you chose. Go straight to the point.
When you submit your brief:
Please write your name, the exact topic that you chose, and the word count of your paper. The word count should appear at the end of brief, without the name of the resource/s that you used for the paper.

The paper should not exceed 1,000 words. If its longer than 1,200.
Your brief will be evaluated based on its organization (30 points) and its content (70 points).

1 -Organisation:
Marks for organisation will be based on basic rules: topic sentences, body paragraphs, arguments to support the idea, etc. The essays structure is essential in terms of cohesion between the different paragraphs. the paper must have a flow from the first to the last sentence.

2 -Content:
The essay must answer the question (no anecdotes, developments off-topic, etc.). Show that you have mastered the required.

For all topics there will be mandatory areas or subjects that must be discussed. If you do not cover those areas, you will need to explain why. If you understand your subject, you will be able to select the ideas and arguments to support your reasoning.
Please submit your own work. If I have any doubts about plagiarism. I may also ask you to show me the steps (research, drafts) leading up to your final paper… what the English professors call the Burden of proof”!

important notes:
please follow the guidelines detailes carefully.
plagiarism checker will be used.
please attach the draft you will use.