O theorists need to choose between prioritism and sufficientarism? Why or why not.

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These are core books that must be included:
1)Parfit,Derek. Equality and Priority.Ratio 10.3 (1997) : 202-21 Google.
2) Brighouse,Harry, and Adam Swift. Equality, Priority, and Positional Goods.Ethics 116.3 (2006): 471-97 available on Jstor.
3) Arneson, Richard J. Luck Eqalitarianism and Prioritism.Ethics 110-2 (2000): 339-49. OL Jstor
4) Arneson, Richard J. Why Justice Requires Transfers to Offset Income and wealth Inequalities. Social Philosophy % POlicy 19.1 (2002):172-200 Available online