O-To-Market strategy for Ambulance drone

I need to write a go to market strategy for Ambulance drone. I have done a prior assignment on it. I will send you that assignment and you could use it. Youll have to do external research for it as well.

I will send you a file with more instructions soon

Added on 05.04.2015 00:13
I provided you with two files. one which was my previous assignment on ambulance drone and the other one is instructions and what needs to be included given to me by my professor.

I need you to do all of the written part which includes everything up to the lean canvas and the strategic intent, also if you could help me out by showing me what to do for the customer profile or creating one for me as an example that would be great. If you have any questions, donT hesitate to ask me. If you donT understand something, please ask me