O universal moral principles exist? If so, what are these universal morals?

This is a philosophical research paper and I need to have at least one source be a primary source. My professor suggested using Nietzsche. My professor provided this feedback on my suggested topic:

Ill give you one of my own ideas about your topic and maybe you can apply it or address it in your discussion. You say youre going to examine Universal moralsas you call them. Your very first task is going to be to clearly define what you mean by a Universal moral. Personally, the only thing Ive ever been able to determine is universal about morals, if anything, is the goal of morals. That is, we argue from here until the end of time about what counts as right and wrong action, but no matter what we say about these, all moral systems and codes, whether they agree with each other or not, all universally seek to produce some good. They all aim or intend to bring about what they perceive as a better situation or some manner of positive outcome. Maybe see if you can pull that into your discussion. Is that sound? Absurd? Consider it and express your ideas either for or against.

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