O violent video games contribute to youth violence?

Assignment Overview:
Out of Class Essay #2 Research Paper
You will develop a focused and debatable argument from one of the research questions below. All questions on the listed are related, either directly or indirectly, to issues that are explored in reading assignments from The Prose Reader. You will be required to take a clear and focused position on one of the research questions in order to create your thesis statement.
a?? This essay must be typed (double spaced) with one-inch margins. It should be 4-5 pages (not including the Works Cited page) in length and must be stapled. Use 12 pt. Times, Times New Roman, or Courier font only. Please include a title.
a?? You will write 2 drafts of the essay: Draft 1 will be peer reviewed. Draft 2 will be handed into the professor. Participating in the peer review is mandatory and part of your grade. If you are absent for the peer review, your essay grade will drop by one letter grade.
a?? You must use at least one assigned text from The Prose Reader to support your argument. In addition, you may use hypothetical examples and personal experience to support your thesis.
a?? You must use at least 2 sources for your paper:
1 article or essay from a magazine or newspaper
1 article or essay from a scholarly journal 1 reputable source of your choosing
Extra sources: Dictionary definitions and encyclopedia entries may be used as sources, but they will not count toward your minimum.
No Wikipedia, Ask.com, or About.com entries may be used. Make sure to cite your sources according to MLA guidelines.