O violent video games lead to violent behaviour among young people?

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I am uploading the research proposal to which I need literature review and some books that you may want to use. It would be good to use articles or perhaps researches that were done on that supject before that could be found on the internet. I have not done so yet I was vry busy but if you feel that you not sure let me know so I can maybe look for it . Just wanna make to you as easy as possible.

Title: Media violence and children.


Do violent video games lead to violent behaviour among young people?


To collect the data this could provide understanding on how much influence on

young people violent video game have and why.

What has it affect on the mostbehaviour, aggression, addiction, crime?

The volume of research into computer games has increased steadily in recent years.

The issue of whether playing violent video games causes violent behaviour in young

people are one increasingly addressed in media debates about violence in society.

I have decided to do the research on violent video games and its impact on young

people because lately there have been a lot of stories in the news and not only about

youngsters and aggressive behaviour that is thought to be caused by playing violet

video games. So I thought it would be good idea to look into it more and see and give

evidence of how much true is in it.


To find out if there is a reliable association between exposures to violent video games and aggression?

This research wants to explore whether or not violet video games:

* produce violent behaviour among young people and does it lead it to increase


*demonstrates that playing violent video games can increase a persons aggressive

thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.

*presents persuasive evidence that violent video games do indeed increase

aggression in some player


Gather statistics on video games and young peoples interaction with them. Find out

statistics on video games (sales, how much time youngsters spend playing video

games etc.) As well I will support my research with articles from newspapers and

materials form the books. I am thinking as well to select some video games and

analyze them.

1) Focused  Open interview with and parents of children who plays violent video

Games .

2) Quantitative/Qualitative (possibly) qualitative look at behaviour, attitudes.

3) Survey a sample of Male and Female in between 12-18 through a Self-completion

questionnaire to investigate whether they think or feel that playing violent video

games have an affect on them and what kind of affect. Do they feel the pressure on

looking up to the role models for example (hip hop music artists who star in loads of

video games.


The data I will collect will provide to an extent whether violent video games have an

impact on young people behaviour and what can lead to.

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development / edited by Sandra L. Calvert, Amy B. Jordan, and Rodney R.
Cocking. Westport, CT : Praeger, c2002.

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Please let me know if you have any questions or if something is unclear. If you feel you will need more time let me know as well.


O violent video games lead to violent behaviour among young people?

I need the research or above question the interviews, analysis of games etc whatever you feel will be best for you to do it. I am attaching as well literature review on this subject. Please if you could include some statistics (UK) on sales of the video games, consumer age. I thought as well to include top ten video games. As well as maybe some statistics on crime among young people etc. Pleas let me know if you not sure of something as I need this to be good.