O we know what we are doing (so to speak) in most situations? What variables affect the extent to which we are in conscious control?

Essay should not be professional.

Essay should be written as a first person point of view.

Essay should includes introductory paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph.

Intro paragraph should be 3/4 pages.

3 body paragraph should be 3 1/2 pages (each paragraph should be like a page. same length)

Body paragraph must start with topic sentence. and must end with introduction of next topic sentence.

conclusion paragraph also shouldl be 3/4 pages.

In intro paragraph, there should be enough explanation about each articles and one good thesis(at the end of the paragraph).

Bodyparagraph should include 2 or 3 quotes from each author. ( so among 3 paragraphs, there should be minimum of 2 stouts, 2 armstrong, and 2 thurman quotes).

and You cant use same authors quotes in one paragraph(like thurman-thurman).

and there should be explanation of the quote(before the quote) and connections sentences between two quotes. and explanation after the quote (like specific words).

and after the quote please include the page number!

like (thurman xxx).