O we need American hegemony in the global economic system to build and maintain the liberal global capitalist economic order?

. Must write an argumentative essay: your essay must have point to it, an argument you are
making, or some claim you are trying to prove, eg. a?This essay argues that the UN peacekeeping
is ineffective because of the lack of funding, over-stretching, and the growth of non-state actors
engaged in combata?
Must show both sides of the question/issue a both the supporting and the opposing arguments
BUT only argue one side
Must have 3 Arguments SUPPORTING your thesis/position AND must have 3 Counterarguments OPPOSING your position
Must be in essay format: sentences and paragraphs
Must be typed in 12pt font in Times/Times New Roman or Arial/Helvetica fonts
Must be written in formal modern academic English, obeying formal British or American or
Canadian grammar, spelling, and language rules a check out:
works cited, and cover page may be singled
Must have 1”/2.54 cm a 1.25a?/3.17 cm margins on all sides
Do not use I because you will end up writing opinions, rants or diatribes a you must make
arguments in your essay, e.g. a?This essay arguesa? or a?The argument here is thata?, not a?I feela? or a?I
believea? or a?My opinion isa?
Do not use contractions, such as a?donata or a?wonata or a?canata
No subheadings; instead use transitions
Must have citations/references a when in doubt, cite!
Each essay must include parenthetical notes organized according to the MLA
Always cite obscure, unobvious, or controversial dates
Must have a Works Cited in alphabetical order
Good academic sources only.
At least/minimum 8 scholarly journals or book sources
Newspapers and magazines will not count as your minimum academic sources, and you
should use them sparingly because relying on them too much will lose you marks
Be consistent in your paper a if you make the same mistake over and over again, that is not a
big problem and you will know what to do next time, but if you keep making different mistakes of
the same type, that is a more serious problem and will require more guidance to fix
Be clear, simple, and precise in your writing a sometimes, this requires using big, elaborate,
precise words; sometimes it means using small, simple, direct words
Essay Structure Rules
1. Introduction: What are you going to do? (max. 3/4 page, FIRST paragraph)
A) What is your question? (state the question as it is given to you below)
B) Thesis: What is your answer/argument/thesis to the question?
a? Use: a?This paper asserts a¦a?, a?This essay will show a¦a?
a? Do not use a?discussa?, a?explorea?, a?examinea?, Considers”, etc., as these are not a?argumentation
a? You must have your thesis in this FIRST paragraph of your paper, and your thesis
must be written as instructed in above a we will NOT go Searchingfor your argument
and you will lose marks!
C) Layout: How are you going to address the question? Summary statement(s) about your
arguments and counter-arguments
A Answer these questions a a), b) and c) a in the same paragraph, do not split them up
2. Topicas Importance: why does this topic matter? (max. 3/4 page, SECOND paragraph)
a? Why should we consider analyzing this topic?
a? Is the topic of on-going concern and why?
a? Donat engage in a a?personal statementa of the topicas importance to you personally
3. Body: What are you arguing? Your proof? Who disagrees & why? Your rebuttal? (9 pages)
A) 3 Arguments with evidence and sources, and link them to your thesis A one argument
per 2 pages 3 arguments in 6 pages (or more)

B) 3 Counter arguments with evidence and sources, and provide a rebuttal A one argument
per 1 page 3 counter-arguments in 3 pages (or more)
C) How do your arguments relate to your sources? a cite authors and their ideas where
4. Conclusion: What did you do and why should we care? (1 page a 1 A? pages, LAST TWO paras)
A) Paragraph 1 thesis & summary: restate what your question was and what you argued
in response to the question: a?This essay addressed the question [the question you wrote
about]a¦ and argued that [thesis].a? AND tie your essayas key arguments together: a?It
proved this by showing ....a?
B) Paragraph 2 implications: What are the implications of your argument? What actions
should be thought about or considered? What other research needs to be pursued?