O We Really Listen To Young Children? An Investigation into The Importance of Listening to Young Children In Early Years Sitting In The UK.

 Introduction
 Background about the topic.
 Explain the structure of the essay.
 Main Body
 The listening definition.
 Un convention on the right( article 12)
” What had article 12 done?
” Researchers views about it
 Why must we listen?
” Importance of listening.
” Who benefits?
” What are the benefits?
 How do we listen?
” Methodologies for listening.(mosaic approach, Y.Penny s work ,and other approach)
 Early years sitting in the UK.
” Children s voice in the Uk
” Whether they listen to children or not.
 conclusion

Beyond listening : childrens perspectives on early childhood services / edited by Alison Clark, Anne Trine Kjorholt and Peter Moss

Listening to young children / Y. Penny Lancaster

Young Childrens Rights /Priscilla Alderson