O we think for ourselves or does society determine what we think (the social construction of reality)?

Assignment 2: Research Proposal Due 11 March 2014

Essay is a research proposal of 500 to 600 words. You may choose your audience, but the paper must be written consistently for that audience. The final paper is argumentative, and the proposal and final document must conform to academic standards of presentation. Please provide a reference page of readings up to the date of submission (in other words, the list of references will likely be incomplete).

Contents of Proposal

Why did you choose your topic?

Why would readers be interested in the topic?

Do specific terms need definition for your audience before you can proceed?
What did you discover about sources as you started to research your topic, and how didyou decide to narrow the topic (limitations) and focus your research (scope)?

What working thesis or research question has developed?

What purpose will your final paper serve for your audience?

Provide a list of references to date in the format of your choice (APA or MLA, for example).

My comment: The course is Effective Writing course, so structure of essay is important, the APA structure should be considered when writing it. Answer to those questions above should be included in the essay. ( i want a A+ write up please. last time i ordered my essay in another website i received a terrible essay and there was no time to fix it. hope this website dont let me down. thanks)

O we think for ourselves or does society determine what we think (the social construction of reality)?


This is the complete essay of the previous research proposal that you already did. The complete essay should include the thesis of the previous proposal and the points mentioned there but should not be copy pasted. Since the course is effective writing, structure of write up (topic, thesis, body languages and conclusion) is important as well as grammar. on the previous proposal there were so many grammatical mistakes so i ended up with B+. please consider the the grammar and structure. The references of proposal must be good enough, so you dont have to find new sources if you are getting your ideas from the previous one.

If you send me your email, i can send you a copy of the marked essay, if youre curious about your mistakes.

Thank you very much, im having witting courses in the next 6 months, hope this time i get a better result than the previous on so we could continue working together.