O William Morris ideas, ideals, and influences in arts and crafts have any relevance today.

My degree is a BA in 3D Crafts. The essay if for the  Contemporary, Historical and Critical Studies section of the course. This piece would be best written by someone who has knowledge in this subject or in Art History as opposed to a craftsperson. I have put 10 for the number of sources but this is only a guide as they have not given an exact number. Please use as much as you can or feel is necessary. Especially looking at William Morris and the  Arts and Crafts Movement . Please refer to the PDF attached for the essay guidelines. Thank you so much for your help. I will definitely return if it is successful. Any questions pleas email or call me.
Aron Duckworth
Essay Deadline 14th Jan
Referencing is Harvard standard. Refer to the PDF attached.