O you agree that the lack of primacy of the International Criminal Court (ICC) over domestic courts will cause the court to be a failure?

The essay should contain and consider issues relating to the establishment of the ICC, the jurisdiction of the court and the question of the failure by a number of important states to sign up to the ICC statute. PLEASE explain and examine the paper topic clearly (it is very important to me).
And the introduction must explain the plan and the argument of the essay.
Finally; if you could use the sources (below) as well as your sources I will be very satisfied,
(1) Brown, Primacy or Complementarity: Reconciling the Jurisdiction of National Courts and International Criminal Tribunals23 Yale Journal of International Law 383 (1998)
(2) Schabbas, An Introduction to the International Criminal Court ( CUP, Cambridge,2003)
(3)Cassese The Statute of the ICC: Some Preliminary Reflections10 European Journal of International Law 144 (1998)
(4) Paust, The Reach of ICC Jurisdiction over Non-Signatory Nationals38 Vanderbilt Journal of International Law 1 (2000)