O you agree with Lord Nicholls and Lord Milletts dissenting judgments in Shogun Finance Ltd v Hudson [2003] UKHL 62?

Give reasons for your opinion drawn from relevant case law and/or academic texts (eg. books and/or articles).

This is an argumentative and critical essay. It should, ideally take the stance of agreeing with the dissenting judgments. Therefore, each paragraph should 1)state the problem 2)state the law 3)review and apply the relevant case law and literature and 4)analyse the strength or tensions in the argument ie. is the the argument strong or does it not carry much weight to other arguments, and why.

Please use approximately 8-10 paragraphs to write this essay. The maximum word count is 2000 (not inclusive of bibliography). Sentences should be concise and punchy. When using direct quotes, please keep them short and succinct.

I am a student at a research-intensive college within the University of London. Therefore, I cannot stress the importance of high quality standard research.

The current set text for the course is McKendrick, E. (2007). Contract Law (7th Ed.), Palgrave Macmillan: Hampshire ISBN: 978-0-230-01883-9. Although, amongst other students and my seminar leader, this text isnt sufficiently critical. Sources should include, but not limited to, the likes of widely-acclaimed authorites eg Chitty and Treitel etc. Please find as an attachment the case in question. I have requested 15 sources to be utilised. The bare minimum to be used is 10, please.

In regards to grammer and vocabulary, please avoid the familiar as well as the use of contraction, cliche and colloquialism. Whilst I am sure I do not need to mention this, but having reviewed several custom essay sites and some of the sample essays presented as advertising, I think it best to express it anyway.
Footnoted, with Bibliography and Table of Cases Cited and Statutes.