O you agree with the claim that the theory of Realism offers an accurate depiction of international relations? Explain and give examples.

An academic writing style essay that focuses on the the question. There needs to be a strong position and the essay must be clear and every paragraph should be smooth and easy to follow.
They want us to have a creative position, my position: Recent realist countries do the opposite of what the realists 50-100 years ago did. They try to be globalized and make connections in order to improve their economies, thus get wealthy. And now there is usually a correlation with wealth and power and the amount of allies you have. On the contrary, the US is in debt but still remains super power because of allies and influence of globalization and military. So what keeps a country a realist now is the hunger for gaining more money and a strong economy. I.e. Germany is superior in the EU as it gives out money.
Introduction: I agree with the question, realism does offer and accurate depiction. Introduce realism but do not go into its history, give brief definition. The second to last sentence should be a strong thesis and the final sentence should be an outline i.e. The aim of this essay, the first part will consider, the second part will consider, the final level will examine etc.

Organize the body in a way where two paragraphs serve as an argument the another 2 as a counter argument or any other way that shows arguments and counter. Please make sure these arguments are all legitimate and strong.
Use arguments of: Realism offers limited cooperation between countries, but a counter argument can be that countries are all globalized now and connected, and then maybe argue that they still put their own interest first. Globalization has drawbacks and challenges. But strong countries trade with poor countries for cheap tax (give example). You can also discuss balance of power in WW2 balancing econ. political and military powers. Also mention that realism develops and the old terms do not apply now where countries should limit all interactions. Instead countries like the U.S. (realist country) makes more allies and to make more money and this is still realist ideology. Also you can mention that war is inevitable due to human nature. But the cost of war outweighs benefits i.e germany in ww2. Give counter arguments against these ideas with Liberalism and strong sources.
You can also use examples from the past about previous types of realism and the NEW type of realism that I mentioned such as Libya when the Europeans and Americans wanted to fight on land hoping to turn it to a next Iraq and take control of Libyas oil. On the other hand the Libyan govt did not allow them to have boots on the ground, just strike by planes. This also portrays how the Supercountries dont always get what they want because of other realist govts. Also use a Syrian example of realism in the Syrian conflict, where international law was broken and that realist follow international law when it is beneficial to them but ignore it when its not, they have that power because the are realists. The US didnt destroy their chemical weapons but force Syria to do so. Israel keeps expanding their border when international law restricts them. And also please try to find another example thats not in the Middle East but has strong political influence.
Please make sure that all the arguments are backed up by SOURCES and that that the position: REALISTS, CONNECTIONS AND POWER ARE DRIVEN BY THE ECONOMIC BENEFITS is mentioned through out the essay. The essay should be clear and straight forward using UK academic writing style and phrases. Use 8-10 sources that are a mix of recent and old texts, are accurate to the essay, relevant to the topic question, and with a purpose that benefits my idea and also offers a strong counter argument. They tell us that the counter arguments should be strong and your arguments stronger to have a great essay.
Please do your best work as this essay is very important to me.