O you have to believe in Reason to believe in Democracy?

resources should be from:

1The constitution: Amendment 11-27 (17941992)
2The declaration of Independence IN CONGRESSJULY 4,1776
3Obamas Speech in Cairo (2009)
4from The Suppliant, Democracy or Despotism? (422BC)
5State of the Union Address Four Freedom (1941)
6Marcus Tullius Cicero, On The Laws. (50 BC)

all of them in the website http://ideaofdemocracy.homestead.com “

O you have to believe in Reason to believe in Democracy?

Two themes have been running through nearly everything weve read this semester. One of them has been the idea of DEMOCRACY. The other has been the idea that human beings have the ability to REASON. Many of the documents refer to one or the other of these ideas by name, others describe them without naming them. So heres the question wish you to think about and write upon.
Are the ideas of Democracy and Reason so tightly linked together that it is impossible to believe in one idea without also believing in the other idea. IF so why, and IF NOT why not? The best papers will make use of the readings we have used this semester. Formal footnotes or a resource page are not necessary. Dont use resources other than our assigned readings and your own experiences as they might apply.

this essay could be contain 4 reasons bodies and 4 Democracy and in final part with the connections between them. as it discribed in the assignment.

the resources are on this website “