O you think that Ramón Senders Réquiem por un Campesino Espanolis exclusively a novel of social criticism?


I would like to request that the writer, Ellie, #3321 be assigned to this essay. It is a Spanish novel, therefore I would like a fluent Spanish/English speaker to work on this assignment. The novel Réquiem por un Campesino Espanolby Ramón J. Sender, is a direct criticism of the social division within Spain which is of crucial importance when considering this story. I think that in order to answer this question properly, the characters Mosen Millan and Paco el de Molino plus some other main charcters must be analaysed thoroughly, for example, Paco stands for the good and fights to achieve equality for the poor, etc…. Please use Spanish quotes to back up what you say and please use thorough referencing if quoting from othe sources!! If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me!! Thanks in advance!!

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