O you think that sport helps develop good character? Discuss

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Do you think that sport helps develop good character? Discuss
Many people believe that putting their children to play sport, principally the ones that a person have to be in team and working as team helps develop a good character and, I agree with that.
In my opinion, sport helps a person to concentrate and also helps to be a very polite; for example, I have a brother who was develop a very bad character, he was talking with people without respect my mother was so worried about the situation because, in our culture it is very important to be polite. My mother was desperate and hopeless about my brotheras behavior. She spoke to her boss who also is a very good friend of her and, he advised my mother to put my brother to play sport and, she put him to play sport after that my brother started to develop a good character.in addition, sport can do much more than just helping people developing a good character, it also helps you to live a very healthy life.
As you can see, it is good for people to play sport it really helps develop a good character furthermore; it helps you live a healthy life which is good. So, play sport I believe it is a very good way for people to learn how to live in this society sport can change your life!