O you think that the West has been, or can be, a chance for Islam?

You will answer ONE of the four following questions by incorporating aspects of the historical background and contemporary situation and buttressing your argument by reference to at least TWO OR THREE books or essays.

-Do you think that the West has been, or can be, a chance for Islam?

The meaning of this question to me is. Is the west or can the west be benificail or a fruitful opportunity for islam

I want to take it and write about it from the direction of muslim integration to western society and especially talk about education
The books that I have chosen to do are

Western Muslims and the Future of Islam by Tariq Ramadan

Some points that you should add are

Integration to society --> Ghetto
- islam is a universal religion however the Arabic culture isn t.. so you can intergrate the religion to the west however you don t have to intergrate the traditions and culture of it
Ramadan finds path between 2 extremes:

- ghetto  Muslim communities in west are too secluded  Muslims in the West but not of the West and just happen to live in the West
- dissolution  Muslims in the West that they are w/out Islam and become too  westernized
- integration  is the middle way between the two extremes& the whole difficulties lie in finding a suttle and effective way to relate the two in a meaningful way& the whole book is about finding the path of integration life

- You can take all you education just from reading the Quran, it deals with every single subject that comes to man , from how to deal with trade to scientific answers and solutions and that s why they say that most converters to islam are the scientist and men of knowledge
- We should learn from the west as their education is more independent they teach you how to think on your own, and explore the subject. We can intergrate the Quranic teaching to the western way of schooling ( in Tariq ramadans book) then we can talka bout the different way of schooling an which one should be applied
- Education of the heart and education of the mind 2 different thngs
- By creating muslim/ Islamic school we are actually separating ourselves from society rather than intergrate with them
- Teaching in some schools in the east is not allowing the student to explore, we are though to thnk in one way and one way only. To the muslim kids they are thought to hate the west, and are taught that in Friday prayers (sometime) yet when they need help they turn to the western thinkers and doctors
- The muslim students follow thr teachers nad thr saying blindly. And as an Arabic proverb goes Whoever thaught you one word, we therefore become their slavesmeaning that we are indebt to them.
- In Islamic religion and traditions teachers are given a very vital role in the students growing up and are considered really high people
WE can then talk about terrorism and how it s the wrong teaching of islam. Its them picking what they want to learn and leaving out the rest which goes back to (NASRs book) and how you can take fragmented knowledge but the whole knowledge .. not only in terrorism but in everything ( we should explore, but NOT question the true essence of what islam is about) e.g in tariq ramadans book when he says and talks about the superficiality of Islam& .if ur going to do something wrong& don t put it under the veil of Islam he suggests that if u were really in tuned w/ the Islamic spirit u really wouldn t need this kind of celebrations& you shouldn t want to do it in the Islamic world, as else where, there has been a loss of sense of the asthetic dimention, that there is a way to do things, loud music& blah blha& .is contrary to the spirit of Islam&

- because Islam is a universal religion&  it can integrate anything that does not contradict the prohibitions of Islam
- Talk about how education is sometimes a form of propaganda and how it was used by napoleon in George orwells book an animal farm to create people who are totally loyal to the state .. and we can link it to terrorism
- We can use Nasrs book and say that he believes that everything is connected and try to intergrate that with the topic of intergration. He says something about how everything is connected how the sea and the waves and how we shouldn t only look at the waves but at the whole sea.. ie look at the whole picture (islam)
- You cant have frangmented knowledge without having it as a whole
Nasr and Ramadan  both have the same diagnosis and sickness of the plight of modern man  being separate

-Ramdan s remedy is integration into society rather than assimilation and insertion
Ramadan is similar to the selafy tradition& .going back to sunna and quran w/out relying on madheb so much

-Nasr s remedy  going back to the spiritual beginnings of Islam not necessarily the historical beginnings  go back to the roots of the inspiration of the Islamic tradition  he wants to go back to organisity on Islamic tradition