O you think that women are generally better listener than men?

Do Men Listen with Half a Brain?

In a new study using a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner,
researchers studied brain activity in 10 men and 10 women listening to someone read a
mystery novel out loud. The researchers found that the men used the left half of their
brains while listening to the novel, while the women used both halves of their brains.
Our research suggests language processing is different between men and women, but it doesnt necessarily mean performance is going to be different, said Indiana radiologist and co-author Dr. Joseph T. Lurito. We dont know if the difference is because of the way were raised, or if its hard-wired in the brain. Of course, when these results were published in the media, many women began to say, So thats why men dont listen very well. They only use half their brains!

In a well-organized essay, answer the following question:

Do you think that women are generally better listeners than men? If so, do you think it is because of differences in brain function, differences in the way
women and men are raised, or other factors? If not, why not?