O you think the Marketing department is the most important one within an organisation?

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An organisation has different levels of staff, organised according to the needs of the company. To ensure efficiency, certain tasks are delegated to particular specific groups, called departments, with functions and exclusive tasks each. The are many departments within an organisation, I.T, HR, Finance, Health and Safety, Operations. The marketing department has very important functions for the company as they are responsible for fulfilling the requirements and customer needs, while making profit. Also, the marketing department is responsible to research, develop and implement strategies to achieve the companys objectives (Brassington and Pettitt 2013).

Marketing is involved with many departments within an organisation, such as I.T or Finance. For instance, an effective way of promoting new deals or products could be done through a website, emails or phone applications, I.T has must be involved to make this happened. The finance department will have to approve if the marketing campaigns or promotions are cost effective. For example, Brassington and Pettitt (2013:23) wrote that i??An accountant would want to impose tough credit terms and short credit periods, preferably only dealing with customers with proven credits records. Marketing, however, would again want some flexibility to allow credit terms to be used as part of a negotiation procedure, and to use discounts as a marketing tool.i??. Therefore, the marketing department must take into consideration that other departments have their own goals.

Do you think the Marketing department is the most important one within an organisation?