O you think the US is currently doing all that it should to reduce global warming

I need a 2 page essay on the below question. I do not have a preference as to which side of the argument is taken. If I need to make that decision let me know. Ive included the instructions from the professor.
The text book for this course is Chemistry in Context applying Chemistry to Society 6th ed. Please confirm that all the information you need is provided or if more is necessary.

Session 4: Global Warming

Reading Assignment: Read all of Chapter 3

B. Position Paper

Do you believe that the United States is currently doing all that is should to reduce global warming? Write a 2 page paper, use current articles, your text, the movie or any other documents to support your position. Make sure you include a reference page (page 3) citing any information you used. The articles below are a good starting point.

Broad Accord Reached at Global Environment Meeting

Bush Plan Expected to Slow, Not Halt, Gas Emission Rise