Oaching and mentoring as a tool for organizational change

Assessment Task: 1 Research-based Essay (Written report) on an assigned topic

Each student is required to submit a 2000 word scholarly essay on the topic:

a?Coaching and mentoring as a tool for organizational changea?

Students should follow the guidelines as listed below for writing your essay:

1. Refer to a minimum of 5 scholarly peer reviewed articles relevant to the topic. Note: Website citations do not count as one of 5 scholarly citations, although scholarly electronic articles downloaded from library databases are permitted.
2. Papers are required to extend the material beyond the textbook frameworks and you are being assessed on your ability to search and integrate scholarly research in the field
3. A fundamental part of this assignment is for students to use their analytic abilities to construct a logical analysis.

Marking Criteria

Use the table below as a checklist to ensure that you have complied with all the requirements. The following marking criteria will be used to determine the quality of your work.

Criteria Fail Pass Credit Distinction High Distinction
Originality and quality of analyses
[20] No, or limited resources, High degree of paraphrasing, Cut and paste, Direct dependence on source material
[<10] Essay relies on some literature, but restates major themes from sources; no evidence of critical analysis; mainstream expository writing [10 a 12.9] Some evidence of critical analysis of literature, but little depth. [13 a 14.9] Critical appraisal of evidence from a range of sources; essay stands out from the pack [15 a 16.9] Report is the result of in-depth investigation of a range of literature. Highly developed critical analysis, and assessment of different findings [17+] Structure [10] No idea of structure and logical progression of argument [<5] Some evidence of structure and progression of argument; intro, body, conclusion [5 a 6.4] Clear evidence of structure and progression of argument; but internal problems in structure still evident [6.5 a 7.4] Clear structure and progression of argument; well constructed essay [7.5 a 8.4] Structured emphasise argument Clear intro and conclusion Logical and excellent progression of argument [8.5+] Written expression [10] Gross spelling Grammatical errors Poor syntax [<5] Basic understanding of rules of grammar and syntax Sentence and paragraphs; no spelling errors [5 a 6.4] Some evidence of fluency in writing; no obvious errors in grammar and syntax [6.5 a 7.4] Clear and fluent writing [7.5 a 8.4] Well constructed and crafted piece of work A pleasure to read [8.5+] In addition to the above listed criteria, 10 marks will be allocated to the Quality of Referencing as specified below Use of Reference Material 10 marks Thorough research and selection of relevant evidence Correct use of Harvard system of referencing Close integration of supporting evidence into each section with adequate usage of in-text citations appropriately referenced in the reference section.