Oaching and or mentoring model/strategies used for the undergrad nursing students in the clinical area

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In this assignment, you are asked to write an essay on the implemention of coaching and or mentoring model/ strategies in the workplace. This assignment draws on all the key topics covered in the unit modules. The essay should cover the following areas.
a brief profile of your area of work: clinical specialty, daily work, staffing arrangements and resources available as background to the following points;
why there is a need for a coaching and or mentoring model/strategies (eg any problems you think coaching/ mentoring might address, what potential benefits you anticipate etc);
-an exploration of coaching and/ mentoring models and the rationale for choosing a particular coaching/mentoring model.
the key steps and considerations in implementing the initiative: who you are going to consult to make this happen; who will be affected; change management, team and leadership issues etc; preparation of learners/coaches/ mentors etc.
_ potential barriers to success and how these might be overcome.

Please note that the focus of this assignment is how you will apply what you learn from the literature to your practice. It is important that you both review relevant literature and demonstrate how you can apply the literature to your individual workplace circumstances. the length of assignment is to be no longer than 4000 plus cover page, contents page and references. THE ESSAY IS TO BE WRITTEN IN THE THIRD PERSON.

Essay Marking Criteria

Introduction (possible 5 marks)
-introduction and overview of the topic

Main body (possible 65 marks)
Theoretical explanation of key topics and issues (30)
Strength of argument supported by a wide range of relevant literature (15)
Analytical thought (10)
Clarity of content (10)

Conclusion (possible 10 marks)
Summary of content (5 )
Emphasis of key points (5 )

Overall(possible 20 marks)
_General structure/flow (5)
Grammatical style/ spelling literacy (5)
Referencescontext and end text (5)
Structure in accordance with APA (5)
Score(100) Total