Oach/Mentor a Member of the Class-Leadership Course

Name of Course:Leadership
Textbook: Leadership Challenge 4th Edtion

I as a coach/Mentor, I touch Fred Sharp play golf.

Purpose: This is an opportunity for you to practice your leadership skills while helping someone within the class develop their Leadership skills at the same time. Consider the objectives of the class and be prepared to give the person you are coaching/mentoring guidance in fulfilling these objectives. For example, as a coach, watch how the coachee relates to others and provide direction for improvements. The coachee should be the focus of this activity, not the coach. Do not forget that you have your own contract requirements to meet throughout the term!
Assignment requirements:
Requirements: Partnerships must be arranged, documented, and approved by the due date, which includes submitting the signed and dated coaching/mentoring contract and agreeing to ongoing online observations throughout the term, with a minimum of six hours of one-on-one consultations for feedback purposes. (You may find it helpful to plan for a 30a 45 minute session at the end of each week and an additional wrap-up session. These may be done online, but if both parties are in agreement.
Upon completion, submit a four-page written evaluation of this experience. The coachee will always be the focus during the process, but as you write the paper, YOU will be the focus, whether you were the coach or the coachee

1. Did you choose coaching or mentoring? Why? (To answer this question, you may find it helpful to visit the identified link on Page 6 as these two functions are different.)

2. What did you learn about yourself from this experience that will enhance your leadership potential? Why? (This is about self-awareness and a focus on internal learning.)

3. Discuss your leadership experience as it relates to at least four of the major units in the course (e.g. self-awareness, decision-making, empowerment, emotional intellignece, theory X&Yetc.).

4. Relate this experience to your personal philosophy (e.g. did you lead, or were you led as you would like to be led?) You will find it helpful to briefly define your philosophy first.