Oals and Approaches of Health Care Operations Management

To make the best use of the concepts and tools of operations analysis, a manager must understand what health care operations management actually encompasses.
For this Discussion, you are asked to summarize the functions and goals of operations management and explain how quantitative analysis can further operational aims in a selected health care setting.

Select one type of health care setting of interest to you (e.g., community hospital, academic hospital, nursing home, home care agency, assisted living, ambulatory surgery/diagnostic center, and so on).
Briefly describe the scope and purpose of operations management within health care organizations.

Summarize a significant insight that you gained from this weeks media segments regarding challenges or objectives of operations management.

Identify the health care setting you selected (AMBULATORY SURGERY). Explain one or two specific ways that quantitative analysis is contributing, or could contribute, to the aims of operations management in your selected health care setting

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