Oast Guards involvement in oil spills and how effective is Containment since Exxon valdez to deep water Horizon spills

I am in a OSHA safety and Im doing and essay research paper on oil spills and Coast Guards role in responding controlling and how far has oil containment technology come between the Exxon Valdez to the deepwater horizon oil spills incidences . I have three interviews that I still need to transcribe so that they can be incorporated into the paper as well as three or four other sources that I thought relevant to the paper. I need to cite all my quotations and references along with bibliography APA style. This is technical Institute that I attend all students have completed high school and usually have some college. The teacher expects the paper to be grammatically correct with punctuation sentence structure citing all references and correct spelling paragraphs progression and structure support for my positions using the articles I will send before coming to the conclusion. I need the paper by Friday and seventh or Saturday the eight so that i can present it early next week.