Obalisation and Corporate Social Responsibility

Ill attach all guidelines (outline) of the subject and following it to understand what I need.

that what Written in the guideline
((Research Essay Plan and Bibliography: This assignment should provide an outline of your major
research paper. It will tell us what production chain you wish to study, by defining the chain and its
boundaries. The outline should provide an overview of the structure of your major paper, by
indicating the sub-sections that will be included in your essay and the topics covered in each subĀ¬
section, (Refer to Assignment #3 Research Essay for more detail). In other words, your plan
should provide an indication of what will be covered in the essay and in what order.
The bibliography should provide a listing of your main references and sources of any data that you plan on using. A minimum of 10 academic articles/monographs should be included in this item.