Obbes, Augustine, Aristotle and Locke and aquinas thoughts on the statement that all people are equal

This is an essay question that is my final. NO SOURCES, QUOTES OR CITATIONS in it Just an essay with just the facts and philosophies concerning the issues above.

1) Hobbes, Leviathan; edited by Edwin Curley. (Hackett Press)
2) St. Augustine, Political Writings: edited and trans. by Michael W. Tkacz and Douglas ries. (Hackett Press.)
3) Aristotle Politics; trans. by Carnes Lord. (University of Chicago Press)
4 ) Locke, Second Treatise of Government; edited by C.B. Macpherson. (Hackett Press.)
5) St. Thomas, On Law, Morality, and Politics; edited by William P. Baumgarth and Richard J. Regan, S.J. (Hackett Press)