Obbes Laviathan and Locke Second Treatise of Civil Government

The purpose of this exercise is to engage the texts critically, and to make logical arguments that draw significant conclusions. If you donat draw upon the texts in your paper by quoting and discussing the substantive ideas, you are telling me that you didnat bother to read the book. Subsequently, you will have little chance of passing this assignment. So, draw upon the text. Move from one point to the next in a logical manner. Remember to proof-read your paper. There is no reason for you to use external resources, including sources from the internet, so donat do it. Only use Hobbes Leviathan and Locke, Second Treatise of Civil Government as your sources anything else will not be accepted. If you plagiarize at this point in the semester, you will fail the class. Papers are due in the dropbox on Desire2Learn on Friday, Nov. 15 by 11 am.

Hobbes describes the state of nature as a a?condition which is called war and such a war as is of every man against every mana? (76). Give an account of the nature of morality in the state of nature for Hobbes. Compare this to the nature of morality in the state of nature for Locke. What is the significance of the differences?