Oca-Colaas RFID-Based Dispenser Serves a New Type of Business Intelligence

submit a report of the assigned case, Chapter 14 Opening Vignette: Coca-Colaas RFID-Based Dispenser Serves a New Type of Business Intelligence.

The printed hardcopy report should be done with both quantitative and qualitative analyses of the case. Starting reading the case from the textbook and the two reference papers posted at the Blackboard. Each groups will collect, review, and study more relevant articles and supporting information when you analyze the case. For example, brief history and background of the company, quantitative and/or qualitative data before and after implementation of the project of the case, impact to the company, its competitors, and related business. Then the 4 questions of the case at page 635 of the textbook should be answered one by one. A summary and/or conclusion will be needed. A list of reference should be included.

Your report should be about 3-5 pages long with double spaces, Times New Roman size 12 font (exclusive of title page, references, figures, appendices, etc.).