Ochlear implants history and its impact on deaf and hard of hearing

Deaf events

In this research paper you will write a paper that is relevant to deaf historical event (Cochlear implants history and its impact on deaf and hard of hearing).This paper has to be full 9 pages (donat include the cover page and references list page too). It should be double spaced using a Times New Roman, font of 12 points, free of grammatical errors and in APA style, including a reference page. You have to use at least 10 articles, researches, studies, or books as references.

Some suggestions (outlines) for paper organization.
1. The implications of the event (for example: political implication, economic implication, medical implication, or educational and cultural implication)
2. Who participated or invented this event (it could be 1 person, 2, or group of peopledeaf, parents, doctors, lawyers, teachers, interpreters)?
3. The time of the event, how long did it last?
4. The location of the event.
5. The impact of the event on deaf society or on hearing society.
6. Who supported the event and who stood against it and how?
7The debate or argument about this invention between medical view and educational view.

a? Use critical thinking, how well you have presented your perspective and on grammar/APA.You are encouraged to incorporate your perspective to topic/event)

Make sure:
i § Address the event in detail including background.
i § Use APA style for citation.
i § Provide me with the numbers of the pages, column, and lines from which you got the info. I have to show my instructor the info that you wrote. For example (Raphael, 2010, P.1, C.?&L.3-5). Also, Id like you to provide me all references in a PDF or Word file in attachments. (very important)
i § You have to use 10 references.
i § Donat use British words (just US words).
i § Donat use resource that you canat provide it me as PDF or Word files.
i § Donat use Wikipedia as resource.

Note: I will provide you with a hard (pdf) copy of the some articles that maybe help you to understanding this subject.
* Additional explanation:
The point of the paper: background on discovery, who did it, where it came about
The focus: the impact it had on the deaf community, what it did for education, the economy, science, method of communication and the changes for deaf and hard of hearing
Further impact: the ethical issues and implications, doctors who will do the surgery (focused on money) donat always consider the damage it may cause; families pay a lot of money; also some families (typically hearing parents) focus on the treatment and not having enough focus on sign language and effective communication with deaf people, and should the child grow up and have to remove the implant they will be unprepared to enter the deaf community.
*not focusing on the actual implant, but what impact it has. The procedure has been around for several decades, so the history is important in order to see how the deaf community has been impacted, as well as the implications outside the deaf community.