Ockey and Culture (this is the name is the article which you are required to read and write an essay about it)

Please dont take this order if you dont know how to write university level English essays. This essay requires very strict format and I need to get a good mark on it.

Also, this essay requires you to read an article which I will be providing as scanned files.


Write a 500~600 word essay about Genoskoas article from our reader.

The first paragraph (the introduction) will summarize the essay, then end with a thesis about the authoras use of ethos (ethical principles), pathos (emotional appeal), and logos (logic).

These three aspects will correspond to the three body paragraphs.

The final paragraph (the conclusion) will reaffirm the thesis and then consider some further implications of the topic.

You must refer to what the author says in the article in present tense, must quote properly from the article (parenthetical references to page numbers) in each body paragraph, and must edit carefully for grammatical errors.

A Work Cited page must appear in proper format as the final page of your document.