Octorate in Counselling Psychology Career Counselling

PSY 825 Career Counseling and Development

The second assignment should be completed after you read part two (chapters 8-15) of the course textbook. Papers should be about 8-10 pages long in regular double spaced, 12 font format. Please use proper references where appropriate.

You may choose to write your paper on ONE of the following topics:

TOPIC # 1. a. The author discusses two types of clients: the  job client and the  journey client . Please illustrate your understanding of this distinction. Which strengths and shortcomings would each type of client draw out in you as a counselor?

b. The concept of  self-talk is relevant to both counseling in general and to career counseling. How do you help a client identify his/her self talk? What is your understanding of the importance of self-talk with regard to a client s emotional well-being and career related decisions?

c. Consider the following vignette about a hypothetical client. Please discuss how you would apply the following to your career counseling work with her: (1) New Careering Principles and (2) Your own beliefs about career guidance.

Annette is an 18 year old high school senior. She arrives in your office greatly distressed because she has learned that she did not get into the college of her choice while her twin brother did. She tells you that both she and her brother Rich dreamt of attending film school in another state and she fears that her plans are ruined forever. She informs you that she had felt confident about being accepted to this particular school because of her high grades and impressive portfolio of photographs and amateur short films she compiled in high school. Annette grows increasingly upset as she mentions that her parents had discouraged her, downplaying her chances of being accepted. She exclaims:  They re going to saysee, focus on something more practical! One in a million makes it in the film industry! She further tells you that Rich suggested that she come live with him anyway, with the hope of re-applying the following semester. Annette tells you that her alternative is finding a job as a clerk or cashier in her hometown and  re-evaluating my options . She states:  Maybe I wasn t meant to get into this school, but I know I have a lot of talent, I can see myself becoming very famous and successful. I just don t know what to do to get there! .

TOPIC # 2 a. In chapter 11, the author discusses the nine  Pythagorean power streams . What is your understanding of this concept? How would you help a client understand what his/her dominant  power streams are? Do you believe this would be useful in the career counseling process? Why or why not?

b. What, if any, relevance do the  power streams of the client s parents and/or partner have in the  big picture of the client s situation? How do you think  self talk and beliefs about career are passed down from parents to children? Do you think it is important for the counselor to consider these elements when helping a client with career decisions?

c. Consider the following vignette about a hypothetical client. Please discuss how you would apply the following to your career counseling work with him: (1) New Careering Principles and (2) Your own beliefs about career guidance.

Benoit is a 41 year old college senior who comes to you because he needs help perfecting his resume. You quickly realize he is quite unclear about his future plans after graduation. He tells you that between high school and college he spent many years doing various jobs, a fact that is reflected in his jumbled and crowded resume. You notice he has worked as a plumber, as an office assistant, and as a security guard. Currently, he is majoring in English with an African-American Literature minor and he has a very high grade point average. He states:  What can you do with an English degree? I could become a professor, but it s too late in the year to apply to graduate school, and I don t even know if I want to do that . He tells you that his wife is a bank teller and that  she s been really patient with this whole going back to college thing of mine. I need to start working again . He tells you:  Growing up, we didn t have much. Having a good job is important to me. I ll have my satisfactionthe college degree I ve always wantedbut right now it seems like it was childish of me to quit my job and take out all these loans for a piece of paper that won t necessarily get me a better job .

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